Black and BitterBut mostly just bitter.

This is actually the funniest thing anyone could send to me.

Ethnicity is a social-construct? So the different cultures and mannerisms and beliefs associated with each individual group, i.e. Caucasian, African, Asian, Indian, Hispanic, etc. are also social constructs, bullshit made up by society?

And what does that make cis/non-cis ethnics? People who feel a different ethnicity than they really are? Ethnicity itself, the most common and universally-recognized concept of difference that is as old as time itself, is a social construct, whereas cis/non-cis ethnicity isn’t?

I have never, never heard of cis/non-cis ethnicity before Tumblr. I don’t even consider it a social construct, I consider it a Tumblr construct. Some social justice bloggers, who think they will bring about change in the world with their blogs, invent terms and classifications and suddenly all previous concepts such as ethnicity is bullshit and a means of social oppression?

Lmfao. I can’t take you seriously.

I need to check my cis-ethnic privilege? And what privilege is that? Getting pulled aside by the security guards at an airport? Getting store owners to follow me around and keep an eye on me in their store because they’re certain I’ll steal something? Having a woman jump in fear when I tap her on the shoulder to ask for the time? 

Yes, surely, those are multiple privileges you would just love to have.

And what of your non-cis ethnic privilege? You get to be any ethnicity you “connect” with. You have tons of ethnicities with which to choose from, with which to claim you identify with. You could be white but attempt to get your hair to become dreadlocks and listen to rap and reggae and say you feel black. You could be asian, and feel the need to darken your skin or get your hair to become an afro as though that will make you more black. You’re far more privileged than I, if you want to play games like that. A cis-ethnic person like me is limited, restricted by my inability to change my ethnic identity as I see fit.

Check your non-cis privilege, garvan-the-mad. Or, at least I’d tell you to, if such bullshit existed.

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